Multi-functional, durable and visually stunning, Timeless Vertical Sliders combine the aesthetic features of traditional sash windows with the benefits of modern PVCu materials.

Vertical Sliding Sash Windows


Bring timeless style to your home

Vertical sliding windows, sometimes known as sash windows, offer a timeless elegance to any home. They’re different but they’re classy. They have instant visual appeal and always add a sense of style to any home. They have the knack of being able to fit into a house design irrespective of its age. Vertical sliders look great in a modern home or in period home. They are also perfect for anyone who owns a property in a heritage area or perhaps where there are planning regulations which stipulate a like-for-like replacement.

Crucially, whilst looking timeless and stylish, they also maintain the high efficiency ratings of all other Scandinavian Windows products.  All glazing is triple glazed.  All frames have multiple cavities to ensure the very best in energy performance and are made from 100% virgin uPVC

Anyone who owns a home with timber frame, vertical sliding sash windows will know two things. First, they look great. Secondly, they can be a bit of a nightmare. They tend to stick and, if the sash mechanism starts to malfunction, they can be extremely heavy to open and close. Older sliding windows used to have a weight on the end of a sash cord within the timber frame which acted as a counterbalance. The only problem was that the cord would eventually wear and snap, the weight would fall off, meaning that either the upper window would start to sag while the bottom window was extremely heavy to lift.

Here at Scandinavian Windows, we have worked endlessly to make sure that we maintain the style advantage and eradicate the operating disadvantages. The design and function are retained but the sliding action is now simple and smooth.

About Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

Vertical sliders are designed to replicate the classical elegance of timber sash windows, including sliding sash openings, decorative period features, and providing excellent strength, durability and security properties.

Vertical sliders feature two sash openings; the slide facility allows for enhanced ventilation whilst still maintaining the security properties of the window, and the tilt-in facility ensures the outside of the window can be safely and easily cleaned from inside the home. For enhanced ventilation, trickle vent options are also available.

A range of authentic hardware and accessory options are fitted as standard to all vertical sliders, ensuring enhanced performance, security and aesthetic appeal.

Sliding Facility – both the top and bottom sash can be moved vertically and held in the required position; sashes can be operated individually or simultaneously

Tilting Facility – after the sashes have been set in the required slide position, the tilt facility can then be operated. The sashes will then tilt in towards the room at an angle and can be operated individually or simultaneously.

Suitable for both new build homes and replacement projects, Timeless sliding sashes add value and character to any home.

  • A++ Rating as standard
  • Enhanced safety and security
  • Slide and tilt facilities for greater convenience and flexibility
  • Attention to detail for enhanced aesthetics
  • 10 year product  guarantee
Timeless vertical sliders offer maximum energy performance; multi-chambers within the frame act as a barrier against heat loss, ensuring that vertical sliders offer excellent thermal efficiency. All glazing units feature high-performance ‘Soft Coat’ glass, reflecting internal heat back into the home whilst absorbing solar energy from outside.

The multi chamber profile system, couple with high performance triple glazing units ensure excellent thermal performance. Timeless vertical sliders are fitted as standard with high-performance triple glazing which provides whole window U-values of 1.4 w/m2K, and a A++ rating.

Timeless vertical sliders are manufactured from a heavy-set profile system, ensuring enhanced strength, durability and performance, whilst still maintaining the aesthetic features of a traditional sash window.

Both sashes within the Vertical Slider are fitted with high-performance gearing and restrictor hinges to ensure excellent levels of safety and security for your home. Timeless vertical sliders are backed by a 10 year product performance guarantee.

Timeless vertical sliders feature a sculptured finish for an enhanced visual appearance, and are available with a classic white finish or an authentic grain-effect colour including: black, oak, cream or whitegrain.

To create an authentic, traditional look and feel , attention to detail is paramount. A range of traditional window furniture is available including: ring pulls, decorative tilt latches and ‘catch & keeper’ style locks. Vertical Sliders can be further personalised with the addition of Georgian or Astrical bar and decorative Sash Horns.

Timeless vertical sliders are fitted as standard with Low Iron/Soft Coat triple glazing units which deliver a energy ratings of  A++ and whole window U-values of 1.4 w/m2K. Windows can be further personalised with the addition of Georgian or Astrical bars. Georgian bars are fitted within the glazing unit itself, whilst Astrical bars are fixed to the outer pane.

Quality and elegance | 10 year guarantee | WER A rating | Slide and Tilt opening

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