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If you are installing triple glazing to improve the energy efficiency, security and sound-proofing of your home, it would be sensible also to consider changing your doors. In fact, doors are often a bit of an after-thought when it comes to updating your property.

However, doors are usually the first thing any visitors will see at your home. They are also the most heavily used part of any house construction. We’d also just about guarantee that if you managed to have an infrared camera in your house, there would be a large square area that shows a huge amount of heat is escaping. That will be down to your door.

Triple glazed windows show an area without heat escaping. The same applies to the walls of those houses built with cavity wall insulation but, when it comes to the door, it’s generally just a chunk of wood or uPVC without any insulation apart from some prickly fibre insulation around the edge that is supposed to stop draughts.

Sadly, doors are more than likely the place where any unwanted guests will try to enter your home. We’d probably guess that your current front door has one or two locks which go into a wooden frame.

All of our doors are fitted with a high-performance multi-point locking mechanism as standard, ensuring the highest levels of safety and security for your home.

At Scandinavian Windows, we view doors as part of the whole package. It doesn’t matter what sort of door you opt for, it needs to perform to the same sort of energy efficiency levels as your triple glazed windows. All of the glass in any of our doors is triple glazed.

Here’s a quick rundown of what we can provide. If you want further details about one particular type of door, click on the heading and that will take you through to some additional information.

Composite Doors

If you want maximum security, optimal weather resistance and enhanced energy efficiency combined with style and quality, then composite doors are what you need.

They are a beast of a door that will give you peace of mind; GRP skins for maximum impact resistance, durability and low maintenance; steel reinforced frames and advanced locking for even more security; multi-chamber frames and high density foam insulation for maximum energy efficiency.

French Doors

If you want to add a real sense of style to your home, you can’t go wrong with French doors. They are ideal for use in sunrooms, conservatories and living rooms that would benefit from easier and better access between the home and the garden. French doors can also be used as a grand front entrance.

With their double opening facility, French doors open inwards or outwards, and offer almost unrestricted access to your outdoor space, making the garden or patio an extension of the house. French doors also provide maximum light exposure and, even when closed, extended views of the garden or surrounding area.

Patio Doors

Featuring a sliding-side opening, patio doors are ideal for areas within the home with restricted space. The large glazing area allows for maximum light exposure and offers extended views of the garden or surrounding area.

Combining convenience, security and aesthetic appeal, patio doors are ideal for conservatories, porches or rooms that require increased access to the outdoor space.

Panel Doors

Choosing an entrance for your home is an important decision. Our panel door range is designed to provide enhanced security, weather performance and energy efficiency as well as creating a stunning gateway to your home.  With a vast range of styles and decorative finishes available, these doors complement any house type.

Tailor-made to customer requirements, our panel doors are available as a full or half panel, with a range of classic and contemporary design styles and decorative glazing options.

15 year frame and panel guarantee* | huge choice of designs and glass | enhanced security

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