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Bi-Fold Doors


Need Space? You’ve Found It

Bi-fold doors are a cross between French doors and patio doors. French doors are fixed at the hinge ends and open either inwards or outwards. Patio doors slide from left or right.

Bi-fold doors offer the best of both worlds. The fold and slide. For, example, you can open one end and slide it open while perhaps leaving the other end fixed. Or why not open all of the locks and slide back everything. If you need to create some serious impact by converting a wall of glass into an open space with totally uninterrupted views outside, then bi-fold doors are the answer.

You really can go the whole hog and remove a brick wall and install bi-fold doors. Daylight and heat from the sun will now flood the room. The effect is breathtaking. Imagine going into your room, flick a couple of handles and push back a wall of glass and either sit back and enjoy the view or step outside into your garden.

Patio doors and French doors generally offer about 45% of unobstructed opening. Bi-fold doors get close to 95%. There really is no better way to bring the outdoors inside. They transform any room and have stunning impact whether open or closed. They will become a feature of your home. No wonder so many new-build properties now feature bi-fold doors as standard. Once you’ve either seen them or had them installed, you will wonder how on Earth you managed before.

Here at Scandinavian Windows, aluminium bi-fold doors are one of our favourite products. Most people have an inkling as to what sort of effect installing French doors or patio doors will have, but when they first slide open their bi-fold doors, it really does take some getting used to.

Of course, being a Scandinavian Windows product means that they will be triple glazed and offer the ultimate in terms of energy efficiency.  They will have multiple locking mechanisms to keep you secure. You will immediately notice the sound-deadening effects of the triple glazing.

If you want to transfer your home, aluminium patio doors are one of the most cost-effective products you can buy.

  • Huge range of colours
  • Leaf widths from 500-1200mm
  • Triple glazing
  • Range of hardware, furniture and configurations
The Artemis range is designed to meet the sustainability demands of the current climate by reducing waste energy emissions. Artemis bi-folds feature multi-chambers and thermal breaks within the profile helping to reduce energy and heat loss and offer excellent levels of thermal performance.

Artemis doors can be fitted with 28mm to 40mm double or triple glazed units and feature high-performance Soft Coat glass as standard; helping to reflect internal heat back into the home whilst absorbing solar energy from the outside. With triple glazing, U-values as low as 1.6 w/m2K can be achieved.

Artemis bi-fold doors are manufactured from high-performance 70mm aluminium profile systems for enhanced strength, durability and mechanical performance. Multi-point locking systems and advanced gearings, tested to PAS 24 requirements, are fitted as standard to all folding panes of the bi-fold door. Toughened or laminate glazing are available as an additional safety feature.

Doors are fitted to a double roller-track system, ensuring that the door panels remain safely and securely in place. High-performance hardware and components further ensures the mechanical performance and longevity of the door.

A range of bespoke door furniture is also available including a flush/pop-out handle; designed for multi-panel stacking and visual appeal whilst still maintaining the overall security of the door.

Designed for maximum aesthetic appeal, bi-fold doors feature a smooth flush finish, and are a contemporary alternative to patio or French doors.

Manufactured to specific customer size and style requirements, Artemis bi-folds can be created with 2 to 7 folding panels. Door panes can be arranged in a variety of configurations; stacked left, right or split both sides. Designed for convenience, they may be manufactured as open in or open out, and are available with single or double master-door options.

Artemis doors feature a soft line finish, offering a classic aluminium appearance. Designed to complement all house types, bi-fold doors can be further personalised with a RAL colour-coated finish of your choice and can be coloured on one or both sides. Bespoke furniture options such as flush ‘pop out’ handles, designed for multi-pane stacking, further add to the visual appeal.

Artemis bi-fold doors are fitted with high performance glazing units for optimum energy performance, light transmission and visual panorama.

•high-performance Soft Coat glass as standard
•Leaf widths from 500-1200mm
•28mm to 40mm double or triple glazed units
•Toughened or laminate glazing options

Superb  energy performance | 10 year guarantee | optimum security | range of colours

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