Meet The Team


David Andrew Turnbull (General Manager)

David is responsible for the overall running of Scandinavian Windows, and with more than 34 years’ experience in the window industry, starting out as an apprentice Master Carpenter through to becoming the Technical Director for the region’s largest window company, there is nothing he doesn’t know about the window industry.

David has the knowledge and expertise necessary to procure the very best products available for today’s discerning home owner. Alongside this he has an incredible awareness of what is required to give Scandinavian Windows customers a service and overall experience that is second to none. He has a philosophy that our customer experience is 1/10th product (albeit the best available) and 9/10th’s service.

David can only achieve these goals because of the time he has spent within the window industry. Skills which have been finely honed over the 34 years, he is renowned within the window and conservatory business for his very high standards and meticulous methods of working. He does not accept any compromise on quality or service and would never ask any of Scandinavian Windows customers to accept anything that he wouldn’t accept himself.


David William Coates (Head of Sales & Marketing)

David heads up the sales department for Scandinavian Windows, bringing with him some 27 years of sales and marketing experience within the window industry. He started out as an in store demonstrator at the age of 16 and very quickly rose up the ranks to becoming a well-respected manager.

He has managed sales departments for most of the window companies in the North East and because of this long and varied career he has amassed a wealth of knowledge.

David has brought a fresh approach to the way Scandinavian Windows treats a sales enquiry in a way that no other company does. He does not employ commission based sales people. He has worked in an industry where a sales person’s brief is to give a customer the least amount of product for the most amount of money to earn high commissions. David believes that if you supply a high quality product and service at a sensible price there is no need to adopt high pressure sales techniques such as an inflated asking price which is then discounted by a ridiculous amount if a customer was to sign on the day. He has a fixed pricing structure and believes that our customers make a “purchase” rather than we make a “sale”.


Mark Thomas Worthy (Head of Company Systems)

Mark is the Systems Guy. Without robust systems, there is no Company. He has 40 years’ experience within the building industry, from training as a carpenter through to project managing muti million pound contracts. Mark is industry recognised for his project management skills and in particular his insistence on “right first time, and every time thereafter “approach to everything he does.

Mark is responsible for making sure everything that we do is better than the industry standard, and more importantly to him is that we maintain those standards. He has installed robust systems right through the business from how a call is received to sending out of guarantees and everything else in between. The systems Mark has introduced have eliminated the smallest of inefficiencies which allows us to be more competitive, and because we are consistent in what we do it also makes for an excellent customer experience every time.


Allen Frederick Glasper (Installations Manager)

Allen looks after all Installations from initial survey through to completion. He has over 35 years of experience in all that is windows. He has worked for all the top North East window companies from Installer to Surveyor through to Installations Manager, and has the knowledge that only comes with the years he has worked in the window and conservatory business.

Allen has brought to Scandinavian Windows what only he can, because of the time he has worked with windows he has gathered a long list of valuable contacts including expert installation teams and reliable suppliers to name but a few. As well as making sure that all Scandinavian Windows customers enjoy an excellent service he is always on the lookout for exciting new products to bolt on to our existing portfolio of high performance windows. One example is the introduction of our new installation technique which is to the standards of Passive Haus.