The Highest Quality Triple Glazing … Sensibly Priced!

Scandinavian Windows is the region’s leading supplier and installer of triple glazing. We are also the first and only company to provide Triple Glazing as standard. Our company has a highly experienced team of designers and fitters who know how to make your home warmer, safer and quieter, and who will always propose the right triple glazing solution for your property.

Such has been the success of the company and its triple glazing products that we no longer offer single or double glazing; we don’t believe in providing you with an inferior product for your home.

The glass is the cheapest component in a window system. It is by far cheaper than the window frame, and as an overall cost of product and service, the additional cost of triple glazing should be negligible.

The triple glazed units we supply are the best products on the market. They are manufactured for us by a UK company. None of the triple glazed windows and frames are ‘off the shelf’. Each one is custom made especially for Scandinavian Windows.

Why not leave us a message or give us a call today, and one of our designers will be happy to talk through how we can make your home warmer, safer, quieter.

Scandinavian Windows are the only company in the North East that offers triple glazing as standard